Fishing Reports

Date:  March 27, 2017

Location:  RIVERS: Southern Quebec (within 3hours of the USA border)

Water Temp: ~33-35F

Clarity: ok now but can change anytime with runoff starting

Hatches: stoneflies and midges

Water Height:   good but going up

General Update and Flies:  There is lots of snow around that is melting so as I am writing now the rivers should be going up, but as long as the water clarity stays good the fishing should remain ok. It doesn’t seem to be getting too warm too fast so the snow should melt slowly thus not making the river unfishable, but that can change quick.  Frenchies, dronestones and pink bead hares ears are good flies in sizes 10-14 with 3-4 mm tungsten beads. Some people are having success with streamers on sinking lines and leaders.

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3 04 2012
Philip Short

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