Picture Problems

18 08 2011

A few viewers have brought to my attention the issues with the “Gallery” and some of the pictures in the “Tips” have been doing strange things. I have contacted WordPress with these bugs. I tried to fix the picture problems but even with the best of my efforts there are still times where glitches happen. If you seem to have noticed or are noticing something not right with anything in this blog either 1. refresh the page, 2. contact me and explain what seems to be the matter or 3. wait a few minutes because I could be in the middle of trying to fix the problem.

Thank you for you understanding,

Philip Short


Salmon fishing in Newfoundland

15 08 2010

Newfoundland and Labrador have over 60% of all the atlantic salmon rivers in North America, so you can probably be sure there are some of the best rivers. My father and I just came back from a week of Salmon fishing in Newfoundland. Since that’s where my father’s from we know the area pretty well and have a lot of contacts. The run was early this year so most of the salmon were already far up the rivers. So we decided to hire a guide who we usually fish with,  John Smallwood. Even if the fishing’s slow this guy can get you into fish if you’re willing to work for it. John guides in the rivers around Hawks Bay on the Great Northern Penninsula of  the island of Newfoundland. We ended up catching many salmon with John and he put us on more salmon than we could shake a stick at, as well as sea run brook trout with some big ones.  If you’re planning on fishing in this area contact John at johndsmallwood@hotmail.com

Besides the great fishing (my dad says the best!!!) you will love Newfoundland if you appreciate the wilderness and wildlife. Lots and lots of moose, caribou, beavers, bears, fox, etc. – all in a wild setting.  On the upper Humber river (area known as the Flats) we were fishing with my uncle Craig (who lives in the area) and a one year old cow moose was grazing just behind us (in photo attached).   Let me know if you have any questions about fishing in Newfoundland and I’ll try to help. 



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23 06 2010


I would just like to invite anybody who would like updates on fishing to subscribe to this blog please!



I’m Back

22 06 2010

Just wanted to take time to say that from now on there will be more posts and videos to keep all of you updated. These are a few things I’ve done in the last few months…

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Stayed Tune,

Philip Short

My Youtube Page

5 12 2009

I just got a YouTube page. I will post videos of me fishing and steps to tie some great  flies.

Here is my first video. I show you how to tie an Estaz Egg then me fhishing with it!